Rise of the Runelords


Journey to Jorgenfist (Part One)


                The Sihedron Knights appeared in the center of Fort Rannick, exhausted and drained from their hard battle against the stone giant raid. They quickly pulled Rion out of the bag of holding before he choked inside the extradimensional space. The group then took out the charred corpse of Maiwyn from the bag and it was then the rest of the inhabitants of the fort began to quiet and gasp. They were accustomed to seeing the brave heroes here in the fort but have never seen them in such a weakened state and with one of their own fallen.

                Jakardros rushed out when he heard the commotion and was also shocked at what he saw. He was with the adventurers when they took back the fort and knew that they were quite skilled. The commander motioned to some of the men as they took Maiwyn’s body and brought it inside for safety as he looked at the group. “I take it the information you got was accurate then.”

                “Yes.” Rion said as he coughed a bit. “The Stone Giants arrived shortly after we got there. It was a hard fought battle. They came from all sides and even had a dragon. We did our best but in the end…we had to get out of there.”

                “I’m sorry to hear that. I know you lot fought like hell.” Jakardros said. “You can rest here while you figure out what your next action will be.” He wished them the best and went back inside to check on Maiwyn. The rest of them were certainly tired and the first thing they did was try and get some rest. After they had rested for the night they were ready to begin planning what their next step was. The first thing they had to do was get Maiwyn back and that would require a trip to Magnimar. The group teleported to Magnimar to visit the temple of Iomedae and get Maiwyn raised back from the dead. With her back to life, they bought some diamond dust to begin the restoration process on getting their cleric back to full health.

                The other thing they had to sort out was what happened to Sandpoint? The adventurers made left Magnimar and headed North towards Sandpoint. After a day of traveling they came to the town of Sandpoint and to their shock saw that it was mostly intact. Around the outline of the town they saw what appeared to be the guards from Magnimar forming a perimeter to keep the town protected even if it was a little too late. They walked through the streets and saw the destruction caused by the giants as buildings were torn down and fires were being put out all over. Eventually they made it to the garrison where they saw the corpse of the young red dragon they had killed, its body fenced off to prevent the townsfolk from getting too close.

                The SIhedron Knights spoke with Sheriff Hemlock about what had happened. The town had lost a few dozen people in the attacks as well as about a dozen or so that were abducted by the giants. One of those that were abducted was most notably Das Korvut, the local blacksmith. The giants had done quite a number on the town though and the tannery and blacksmith had both been heavily damaged during the raid. The Scarnetti Manor, one of the four noble families, had been plundered and most of their wealth had been taken.

                “What of the giant leader? He seemed to be marching towards the lighthouse?” Xiha said, wondering what he was after. Hemlock told them that he saw the giants rummaging through the rubble of the Old Light until they took a stone from there and then left. The group was puzzled on this and wondered what exactly the giants wanted with a rock. They went themselves to the Old Light to try and investigate it for themselves but they couldn’t find anything interesting to no avail. With that the group decided to rest after their day of traveling.

                The next morning, the Sihedron Knights woke to a disturbing message. Roccal Bluegale had left them. The Tiefling had given a letter to Maiwyn during the night thanking her and the rest of the group for everything but it was time for him to move on and try to help others. With that they were down one of their key members and were lost as to what to do next. They remembered that the stone giant back in Hook Mountain had told them about Jorgenfist, the fortress of the stone giants. That must be where the giants were going. But how would they get there? They asked Ameiko at the Rusty Dragon if she knew the way and she said that she had heard about getting to the Storval Plateau by way of the Storval Stairs. However her adventuring days were long ago and she was not ready for such a hike but she did know someone that could help.

                The infamous tavern owner pointed out a Halfling in the tavern that was playing on his fiddle. Apparently she had heard that he was from Galduria, home of the Twilight Academy, a place that developed unique focuses on magic. The Sihedron Knights were unsure on what to do but eventually they approached and talked to the Halfling who introduced himself as Rafiti Dalikin. He said he would love to go on an adventure as he joined up with the party to head to Jorgenfist. The journey would take them quite some time so they would need to buy some supplies first. They picked up horses from the local stable as well as enough feed to last them a month on the trail. With the rest of their supplies gathered they were ready to set off towards the Storval Stairs.

                The journey along the countryside was rather quiet for the most part. They stuck to the main roads as they passed through Nybor, Wolf’s Ear, and Galduria making sure to rest in the inns when they could so they could get a good night’s sleep after being on a horse for most of the day. The party continued through the countryside where they saw a number of farms and the corresponding land to the houses. While scanning the horizon they saw a disturbance at one of the farms and went off road to check what was going on.

                The party came upon a group of ogres that were raiding the farm and seizing the livestock on it. They swarmed down on the ogres and dispatched of them with relative ease after all their experience when they took back Fort Rannick. It was also their first time getting to see their new adventuring member Rafiti in action. The Halfling proved to be quite slippery as he slipped through the ogres wide swings as he would unleash a blast of magic and swing his sword at the same time in a fighting style that was quite unique. In mere minutes the ogres all laid dead and the farm was safe. It looked though that the ogres were just a bunch of scavengers and not linked to the giant army.

                The Sihedron Knights continued on after dealing with the ogres and went through Ravenmoor. Past Ravenmoor the roads were scarce and they were now in open countryside through the grasslands. A few days later the party was finally nearing the Storval Plateau. The cliffs were massive as they towered hundreds of feet over the grasslands below. However the large stony cliffs dipped down to around 400 feet at a spot where a large staircase had been carved. Surrounding the staircase was a series of intricate carvings representing a city with towers and buildings of all shapes and sizes. On either side of the staircase were two massive statues that reached near the top of the cliff. Both these stone statues resembled a man in ropes with a glaive in one hand and a book clutched in the other bearing the seven pointed star that they were named after. One of the statues was crumbling through the effects of time.

                “Well…looks like we’re here.” Rion said, eyeing the large staircase that ascended up to the Plateau.

                “Indeed. Let’s see what awaits us.” Xiha responded as the group got off their mounts and carefully proceeded up the large staircase.




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