Rise of the Runelords


A Murder Most Foul


The adventurers took some time for themselves after the past few adventures they had been on. A number of them agreed they should learn how to read Thassalonian and studied a bit with the local Thassalonian expert Brodert Quink to pick up the language. One day as they were waking up and getting ready they heard a knock at their doors in the tavern. When they opened it they saw Sheriff Belor Hemlock in the hallway waiting for them. He wanted to speak to them all in private about an important manner.  The party looked at each other curiously and gathered together in Maiwyn’s room once they were all ready.

                The Sheriff thanked them for everything that they had done for Sandpoint already before going into what he had come here for. He told them that there was a murder last night at the lumber mill and the sight was pretty gruesome. He normally wouldn’t ask them for such a task but this was the second murder in the past few days and the Sheriff didn’t want another serial killer loose in the city. He knew the party had explored Choppers Isle a bit and knew of the history of Sandpoint so he asked them to help bring a stop to this killer that was plaguing the town. The party agreed to help and the Sheriff thanked them before revealing that they also would need some help as the killer knew them. The party looked at the man curiously before he revealed a parchment of paper with the name “Maiwyn” written on it in blood.



                The party was on edge after seeing the note. It was dangerous if someone was going after Maiwyn. They quickly discussed who it may be before the Sheriff told them what leads he currently had. There was the crime scene to check out and see if they could find anything the guards didn’t. Sheriff Hemlock also brought in Ibor Thorn, the man that worked at the mill and found the bodies as well as Ven Vinder the father of one of the victims. He also had the note from the merchants that were killed a few days ago and had their bodies in the garrison as well. Hemlock told the group of adventurers that they should keep things quiet about the incidents to not upset any of the locals and get them worked up.

                The group discussed it amongst themselves on what they should go check out first.  They eventually decided to go to the garrison first to check out the people that Sheriff Hemlock brought in. When they made down into the garrison basement they saw a row of prison cells and a number of other rooms. One of these rooms contained the bodies of the merchants that were killed a few days ago. The party examined the bodies and saw that the wounds appeared to have been made with a clawed hand. The bodies were heavily mutilated and they saw that on each of the bodies there was a seven pointed star carved into their skin. The group wondered what this all meant as they went to question the people in custody.

                First was Ven Vinder. The group had ran into Ven once before when he chased Rion away from his daughter Shayliss. While the man couldn’t control his rage and lashed out towards the adventurers, he didn’t really seem to know what was going on. They then went to talk to the other man, Ibor Thorn, who found the bodies. He also worked at the mill and seemed to be quite fidgety and nervous of everything that was going on. The group tried to question him but he didn’t want to talk to them and they decided they would come back to talk to him at a later time perhaps.

                The adventurers then chose to split up to cover more ground as Roccal and Xiha went out towards the barn where the merchants were killed while Rion and Maiwyn went to the sawmill to see the latest crime scene. The scene at the sawmill was as gruesome as Hemlock described it. Sawdust and blood was all over the floor as a female’s body laid mutilated in the corner of the room and a man’s corpse hung from the wall. The man’s body was missing his jaw, his face mutilated and on his chest the seven pointed star carved in. They examined the carving and saw that while some of the marks were done with claws the star was done with some sort of sharp tool.

                It was interesting to note that the female’s body didn’t have the seven pointed star carved on her body. The two adventurers examined her body and it appeared that the log sawblades were the cause of death as the sharp blades had signs of blood on them. While they were in the sawmill they could smell this rotten odor that lingered in the air. It seemed to be quite fowl and they couldn’t figure out what created such a smell. While exploring the scene for more clues they saw a handaxe with bloody prints on it. Maiwyn checked the axe and saw it was caked in blood and what appeared to be rotten flesh. The horrid smell was incredibly strong coming from the axe and it almost made the elf gag from it. They bagged the axe and continued to check for any more clues, even going upstairs to the second floor of the mill. Up here there didn’t appear to be any signs of violence like down below as Rion and Maiwyn continued to explore.

                Meanwhile, Roccal and Xiha made their way to the barn where the merchants were found. While they had already looked at the bodies they were hoping to see if they could determine anything else from the scene. Once there they saw the remains of a bloodied scene and began to examine around the barn. They saw what appeared to be some ropes near a wall as if someone had been bound here but no signs of blood. The two adventurers also caught a rotten smell similar to what Rion and Maiwyn did at the sawmill and tracked it to the loft area in the barn behind some hay bales. Eventually their investigation took them outside where they found some tracks that led them down to the river before they lost the trail. After exhausting the tracks they decided to return back to Sandpoint to meet up with the rest of the party.

                The party met up at the sawmill as both sides traded information with each other. There were many angles to look at for what was going on as a connection needed to be formed between the merchants and the people at the mill. Also where did Maiwyn fit into all this? The last place they had to look was the bodyguard of the merchant who wasn’t killed. He was left alive but driven insane and was sent to a Sanitorium for recovery. Before they headed off to the Sanitorium Xiha headed back to the garrison to check on Ibor Thorn, the mill worker once again. This time though, he snuffed out all the torches but one and used his native Fetchling abilities to disguise himself like Benny Harker, the murder victim at the mill. He confronted Ibor, trying to get more information out of him as for why he would be killed but seeing his friend dead and now back infront of him terrified the man in the cell as he panicked. Xiha was unable to get much from the man as he was scared for his life and decided to leave, dropping the disguise.

                The adventuring party traveled out of town and headed towards the Sanitorium that was being managed by a man named Erin Habe. The placed looked to be an old three story stone building with a porch around the front of it. The group slowly stepped onto the porch and walked inside to what appeared to be a reception type area. There was a rope bell that they rung for service which brought Habe to the door. He didn’t seem to want visitors but they insisted that they wanted to check on the bodyguard that was brought in and after some discussion he allowed them inside. They stood in a large open room area where Habe told them to wait while his Tiefling orderlies went to get the man. A few moments later they came down with an estranged man tied in a strait jacket and led him to a table and sat him down. The man had wild hair and white eyes as he mumbled to himself about so many teeth and that the Skinsaw man was coming. The group tried to converse with him but he seemed lost in his own world…until his eyes saw Maiwyn.

                When the man saw the Elven cleric his eyes bulged as he began to blurt out.

“He said. He said you would visit me. His Lordship. The one that unmade me said so. He has a place for you. A precious place. I’m so jealous. He has a message for you. He made me remember it. I hope I haven’t forgotten. The master wouldn’t approve if I forgot. Let me see… let… me… see…He said that if you came to his Misgivings, that if you joined his pack, he would end his harvest in your honor.”  

And as the words left his mouth he slumped down on the table. The group looked at each other trying to figure out the meaning of what just happened. Before they had a chance to the man woke back up and jumped to his feet, tearing the jacket off and lashing out towards Maiwyn. The party jumped in and surrounded the man striking him down with swiftness as Habe and his orderlies were in shock. The doctor quickly apologized to the group, not expecting that to happen as he wished they would keep things quiet about what just happened. The group decided they should get out of this place and they left and started to make their way back to Sandpoint. During the trip back they began to try and figure out what the Misgivings was and recalled hearing stories about the place. It was an old manor on the Lost Coast where a number of unfortunate events happened and then it struck them. The official name for the Misgivings was Foxglove Manor.

Is  Aldern Foxglove involved in this? Is he the murderer and if so, what does that mean for Maiwyn?



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